• Philips Water ADD4902BK/10 GoZero Sparkling Water Maker, Plastic, 1 Liter, Black

    Sold By: Nasim

    About this item

    • Sleek design with BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL finishing easily fits your kitchen or home styles; the sparkling water maker requires NO ELECTRICITY or cables to operate, so you can get fresh sparkling water anytime and anywhere
    • REDUCES SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES – one carbonating cylinder makes up to 60 litres of delicious sparkling water, replacing 120 single-use plastic bottles
    • SAFETY GUARANTEED WITH THE BUILT-IN SAFETY RELIEF VALVE – when the machine is operating, the safety relief valve releases the pressure inside the bottle automatically; the buzzing sound also indicates the sparkling water is ready to be enjoyed
    • 3 EASY STEPS TO MAKE FRESH SPARKLING WATER AT HOME fill, twist and press; customise the carbonation levels based on your personal preference; simply repeat the carbonation process to have more tongue-tingling bubbles
    • Including BPA-FREE 1 L bottle and CO2 cylinder for up to 60 L of sparkling water depending on the level of carbonation
    • Make sure the CO2 cylinder is not empty. Empty cylinder weighs 800 g vs full 1200 g. And make sure the cylinder is tightened properly. Around 1,5 – 2 twists are needed to tighten ten cylinder. It is recommended to check and tighten the cylinder regularly in case it was loosened.

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